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PressaBottle Glass Bottle

Enjoy water and fruit in a tasty and flavorful symphony with this PressaBottle!

The reusable and sustainable PressaBottle Glass Bottle 'twists' and squeezes your favorite fruit into delicious juices. Sweeten up your day with all the best from the nature. Make a tasty and refreshing drinking experience with a simple 'twist'. The built-in juicer makes it easy to squeeze your favorite fruits, berries and vegetables, so all the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants will be released. 

Let's face it: Drinking regular water can be boring. PressaBottle makes your water taste great, so it will be more fun and motivating to drink water. Create a healthy lifestyle with lots of energy, well-being and less artificial sugar. Safe money with this reusable water bottle and make a difference for the environment.

  • PressaBottle has a unique patented 'Twist'n'Press'-system with a built-in juicer, so you easily can create a healthy lifestyle
  • Dishwasher Friendly - Easily take it apart and hand wash it or put it in the dashwasher
  • PressaBottle Glass Bottle is constructed of sturdy and high-quality glass material. The protective Silicone Sleeve makes it easy to handle. The slim and elegant design fits the cup holder in your car perfectly while holding a good amount of fruit
  • Handy and 'leak proof' 
  • BPA-fri Tritan Plastic
  • Large capacity of 710 ml.

See how the PressaBottle works